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If you’ve ever said, “Help! I need a Generac Dealer Near Me!”, Anderson Power Services is the leading Generac Generator expert in the South Carolina and throughout the Southeastern United States.

If you’re looking for the South’s #1 Generac Generator distribution, installation, & maintenance company, you came to the right place. Anderson Power has all the whole home, commercial, and industrial generator services you need, as well as solar power and EV solutions. When you need a “Generac Dealer Near Me,” trust the experience and expertise of Anderson Power Services.

Top 5 Things to Look for in a Generac Dealer Near Me

Quality Products

When looking for a Generac dealer near you, it is important to make sure that they offer quality products. This means that the products should be reliable and durable, as well as energy-efficient. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the dealer is up to date on any new technologies or features that are available for their products.

Professional Installation Services

Another important factor to consider when choosing a Generac dealer near you is whether or not they offer professional installation services. It is essential to make sure that the installer has the necessary experience and training in order to properly install your generator correctly and safely. Additionally, it is also important to make sure that they are familiar with local codes and regulations regarding generator installation in your area.

Knowledgeable Staff

When choosing a Generac dealer near you, it is also important to find out if they have knowledgeable staff members who can answer any questions you may have about their products or services. A knowledgeable staff member will be able to provide helpful advice on how best to use your generator and which models are best suited for your particular needs. They should also be able to provide information about maintenance and repair services as needed.

Competitive Prices

Another factor to consider when selecting a Generac dealer near you is whether or not they offer competitive prices on their products and services. It is important to compare prices between different dealers in order to get the best deal possible on your purchase or installation of a generator system. Additionally, many dealers may also offer financing options so that you can spread out payments over time if needed.

Positive Customer Reviews

Finally, when selecting a Generac dealer near you, it is always wise to read customer reviews of the company online before making your final decision. Positive customer reviews can give you an idea of how satisfied customers were with their overall experience with the company, including their product selection, customer service, pricing structure, and more.


Residential Generator Installation & Maintenance

When you live here in South Carolina, you know that everything can change in a moment, especially when it comes to the weather. It’s always best to be prepared for emergency situations. Anderson Power helps you prepare with the best residential generator installation and maintenance services available. Whole House Generators, Generac Generator Services, Local Generator Repair, Transfer Switch Installation, Electrical Installation & Repair Services, and much more. When you need to keep the lights on at home, don’t trust your backup power solutions to anybody else than Anderson Power. We help you keep your family safe and protected, even through the storms.

Commercial Generator Installation & Maintenance

You’ve spent your life creating and cultivating your business. Shouldn’t you protect your interests, your livelihood, and your people with a sufficient backup power system? For over 25 years, Anderson Power has been the top local resource for Commercial Generator Installation & Maintenance Services, including Business Standby Generators, Commercial Standby Generator, Data Center Generators, Retail Store Generators, and much more. At Anderson Power Services, we make sure you have power when you need it most.

Industrial Generator Installation & Maintenance

If you’re looking for a local generator expert with the chops to handle all your needs for Industrial Generator Installation, Industrial Generator Maintenance & Repair, Load Bank Testing, Thermal Imaging Inspections, Hospital Backup Generators, NFPA 110 Compliance, Water Treatment Backup Generators, Generators for Telecom, and more, call Anderson Power Services! A power outage for an industrial facility could be devastating and even deadly for hundreds or even thousands of people. Don’t leave anything to chance! Let Anderson Power Services make sure your Industrial Generator Installation & Maintenance needs are met at the highest level.

Car Charging Stations

As electric cars become a more prevalent part of our society, it’s important to invest in our future with 5-star EV Charging solutions from Anderson Power Services. We offer top options for all Electric Car Charging Stations, Home EV Charging Stations, Business EV Charging Stations, and more. As ChargePoint Authorized Dealers, our experts have the tools and know-how to get your electric car charging stations up and running quickly and efficiently.

Solar Power Installation & Maintenance

As the demand for solar energy continues to increase, it’s important to have a reliable partner to handle your installation and maintenance needs. Look no further than Anderson Power. Our team of experts has the expertise and experience to ensure that your solar system is installed properly and working at maximum efficiency. We understand that every customer’s needs are unique, which is why we focus on personalized service that prioritizes your satisfaction. Trust us to be your partner in sustainable energy solutions like Solar Power Systems, Solar Panel Installation, Commercial Solar Panel Systems, Whole House Battery Backup Systems, and much more!

No Other Local Generac Generator Expert Offers Full-Service Installation Quite Like Anderson Power Services

By this point, you probably know you need an emergency standby generator for your home or business. When the next power outage happens, you don’t want to be caught in the dark. The needs of Southern residents vary from region to region. Here in South Carolina, we have our own reasons for needing strong, powerful, reliable backup power systems for our homes, businesses, and industrial applications. Anderson Power Services has been the top local Generac Generator Installation Company since 1995, and we can provide you with 5-star generator services.

Don’t Be Left in the Dark! Anderson Power Services Is the “Generac Dealer Near Me” for South Carolina!

Every responsible homeowner or business owner wants to make sure they aren’t literally left in the dark when the power grid fails. You know the dangers of being unprepared for natural disasters and other situations. Anderson Power can install your generator to perfection, and help keep your home or business going strong through any circumstances! Call Anderson Power Services today and schedule a FREE on-site assessment of your home, business, or industrial property. We keep the lights on!

Top Generator Products from Your #1 Southeastern Generac Dealer Near Me – Anderson Power Services

Anderson Power Services can supply, distribute, install, repair, or maintain your home or industrial generators. We carry the best generator products from the best generator maker in the world: Generac Generators! We specialize in all types of permanently installed residential generators, commercial generators, industrial generator systems, and more. Whatever backup standby generators you’re looking for to meet your needs, Anderson Power Services can supply it, install it, and maintain it for as long as you own it! Protect your home, your business, your property, and your people with 5-star Emergency Generator Products from Anderson Power.

Need a “Generac Dealer Near Me” Who Offers Maintenance & Service? Call Anderson Power

Proper maintenance on your whole home or business industrial generator is very similar to owning a diesel truck. You need to crank it every once in a while. You need to check the electrical system. You need to take it for a little test drive. That’s the only way to really tell if you could utilize it, especially in an emergency situation. But who has the time or expertise to keep ensure their generator is ready to go at a moment’s notice? You need someone who specializes in whole home, commercial, and industrial backup power systems. You need someone with remote monitoring technology, and the ability to handle any ongoing generator maintenance needs that might arise. You need Anderson Power Services. We make sure you have power when you need it most!

Don’t let cashflow stop you from being prepared! Get Top Financing Options from Anderson Power Services

No one ever wishes they were less prepared for an emergency! You owe it to yourself to get the backup power systems you need! We understand that a whole-home, commercial, or industrial generator is a big investment. Just like any good or service that’s designed to protect your family and your property for long-term situations, you might have decided it’s more important to get your protection in place as soon as possible. If you know you need a generator, and you’re interested in financing options, your friends at Anderson Power Services are experienced in all of the latest financing options. If you’d like to know more about Anderson Power’s outstanding financing options, or you’re still researching the best ways you can help prepare yourself, your family, or your business for the next powerless catastrophe, call your local Anderson Power Services headquarters! Our representatives can walk you through all special financing options. See if you qualify today and get started on securing your Emergency Power Solutions!

How much does it cost to install a whole house generator? Click here to learn more!

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