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What Size Generator Do I Need?

If you’ve been thinking about getting a home or business generator, you’ve probably been wondering what size generator you need. We can help!

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Here are the two primary key factors in correctly sizing your next backup generator:

  • The square footage of your home, business, building, structure, or complex
  • The wattage needs of the electrically powered devices that you would like to keep running

Let’s explore how correctly classifying these two factors can greatly impact choosing the perfectly sized whole home generator or industrial generator to meet your needs.

Generac Generators, the #1 selling brand of home standby generators, recommends a set of very specific parameters for answering the question, “What size generator do I need?”. Beginning at 1,000 square feet of operating space, Generac recommends measuring at intervals of 500 square feet, all the way to the 5,000+ category. The generator giant then seeks answers as to whether the client wants to power the entire house or business structure, or if they want to pick and choose what is most important to keep running. If they choose the former, the generator sizing quandaries are very cut and dry. Total wattage needs are condusive to the total wattage capabilities of the generator. But if they choose to itemize the things they want to keep powered, it takes a little more scrutiny before a recommendation can be made.

What Do Generac’s Appliance Classifications Have to Do with Generator Sizing?

For homeowners, these categories are classified by Generac as The Essentials, Appliances, and Extras. The Essentials includes things like water heaters, furnaces, and well pumps; while the Appliances category includes stoves, microwaves, & washers and dryers. Although the Extras category includes things like hot tubs and saunas, it also includes window-based AC units. And we know a lot of homeowners who wouldn’t consider the air conditioning an “extra,” no matter what size it is! Regardless, each category and classification of item that you want the ability to keep running will alter your power needs, and thereby, your backup power requirements. Believe it or not, hot tubs, pools, and electric water heaters have higher wattage requirements than almost all other electrical appliances put together. How crazy is that? As you can see, the formula is very specific, but is attainable if you’re at home wondering “What Generator Size Do I Need for my Home?”

Here’s a more specific scenario if you’re wondering about getting the best fit generator. Let’s say you have a 5,000 square foot home. You live in Metro Atlanta, and the things that are most important to keep running for your family’s safety and comfort are your Central Heat/Air Unit, your Refrigerator & Freezer, your Electric Stove & Microwave, your Electric Water Heater, and some smaller-power extras like your Computer, Wi-Fi, and Security System. For this scenario, you have several options. The best fit “Whole House” rated Generac generator for you would be a Guardian series, from 22-27kW. These fine generators quietly, safely, and efficiently emit 18,000 to 25,000 Watts of power at a continuous maximum rate. Commercial and Industrial needs are even more specific, and far more complex. But they’re never too complex for our experienced professionals. If you’d like to speak with someone regarding the best size generator to meet your backup power supply needs, please contact us at your earliest possible convenience!

What Size Generator Do I Need?

Anderson Power Is Here for all Your Generator Sizing Questions! Call or Contact us Today for a FREE On-Site Assessment of your generator needs!

One of the first questions that Georgia residents often ask, after they have entertained the idea of securing their home or business with a standby generator, is “What size generator do I need?” It’s a valid question. It’s also a very important question. At Anderson Power Services, we won’t try to lure someone into getting a generator that is WAY bigger than what they need, just to get more of their hard-earned money. We also won’t try to steer someone with substantial power needs into purchasing a smaller generator, just because they might be easier to install. Proper Generator Sizing is one of the biggest issues facing home or business owners who are looking for emergency power systems. Anderson Power can help you decide!

When You’re Trying to Decide What Size Generator You Need, Anderson Power Is Here to Help

Our #1 goal is to help you find the perfect emergency power systems that will most correctly fit the needs of your home or business. We know our generator products inside and out. And when you tell us what appliances or systems are most important to keep running, we can help you formulate the perfect options for your perfectly-sized Generac Generator. Other important factors when determining what size generator you need can be location of your house, treacherous terrain, sandy soil, and proximity to a flood plain, among others. But once we know all these factors, plus all the aforementioned factors like square footage and wattage requirements, we can hone in on your best fit emergency generator.

Online Formulas Are Great – But You Need an Experienced Generator Sizing Professional

The general formulas and even online wattage calculators for those asking the question, “What Size Generator Do I Need,” aren’t perfect, as there are some issues that cause minor variances. But generally speaking, you should plan to allocate around 1000-2000 or more Watts for your larger appliances, 500 or more Watts for medium appliances, and around 200 for smaller appliances. Obviously, a larger house will make a central heat/air unit work harder, as will consistent usage of the hot water from your hot water heaters. But really, the only way to really ensure you’re getting the exact specifications that you need for generating power to your home during a grid failure is to consult with a professional. Anderson Power Services can help you answer the question, “What size generator do I need?”

Call or contact Anderson Power today for a FREE on-site assessment of your property, your backup power supply needs, and all the other factors involved with getting the perfectly sized generator for your home, business, or other commercial property!