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Emergency Power for Senior Living Facilities

Securing emergency power for Senior Living Facilities is of the utmost importance, and should only be trusted to 5-star professionals like Anderson Power Services.

Keep Our Seniors Safe and Secure - Explore Solutions for Emergency Power for Senior Living Facilities

Senior living facilities are places where older adults can lead active, independent lives in a secure environment. But what happens if the power grid fails? It is of the utmost importance that these facilities be equipped with strong emergency power plans. Outages and natural disasters could wreak havoc on the power grid, and leave people who have very specific needs in a vulnerable position if the facility doesn’t have proper back-up power options. Equipping senior living homes with provisions for alternative power sources that are guaranteed to work when needed most is not only important, it’s the law. All senior living facilities, nursing homes, assisted care, and other medical care facilities must adhere to the NFPA 110 and NEC 700 emergency backup power codes, or be in danger of being shut down. Emergency power plans can help protect against risk and create additional peace of mind for all parties involved. The right emergency power for senior living facilities can literally save lives. Shouldn’t you be ready for anything?

Senior Living Facilities

Keeping the Power Going at Senior Living Facilities Is Paramount – Get Emergency Power Solutions

There are a lot of critical care facilities who need to keep the power running at all times, regardless of any storms or power grid failures. Senior living facilities need to make sure their residents are given the best possible emergency power during emergency situations. Generac knows this and has designed emergency power generators that are specifically designed for senior living facilities. Generac's emergency power generators are equipped with advanced technology, making them reliable and efficient when called upon in a crisis. They also feature noise reduction, allowing residents to enjoy a peaceful and comfortable environment even during an emergency situation. The design is unique—Generac Industrial Backup Power Systems boast features that make it easier for senior living facilities to access the electricity they need within a split second of a power grid failure. Thanks to Generac, true, life-saving peace of mind can be found in knowing that our precious senior adults have the best available support during an emergency situation.

Anderson Power Services – Providing 5-Star Emergency Backup Power Solutions Since 1995

Anderson Power Services is the experienced backup power company that many types of industrial facilities in the Southeastern United States trust in order to ensure their backup power needs are competently taken care of. Our team is proudly certified by Generac, the leading industrial generator manufacturer, offering top-tier solutions for senior living and assisted living centers. We have extensive experience with installations, repairs, maintenance, and monitoring for all models of Generac Generators, so you can trust that your facility is in good hands. With Anderson Power Services, you can rest assured that you will never be left without power when you need it most. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your backup power needs, or to schedule a FREE on-site consultation of your needs for emergency power for senior living facilities, nursing homes, assisted care facilities, medical facilities, or any other facility.