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Hospital Backup Generator

No other Hospital Backup Generator company has a track record of successful experience and expertise like Anderson Power Services.

Anderson Power Services – A Hospital Backup Generator Provider You Can Trust

We know how imperative it is to keep your Hospital, Outpatient Center, or Medical Facility running at full capacity during a storm, power grid failure, or other power outage. That’s why Anderson Power Services has put your facility at the top of the list of priorities in the new year. We know that it takes a lot of electricity to supply adequate power to medical facilities of your size. We realize that if hospitals are less than 1% of all commercial buildings, but use up to 5% of the total energy, that’s a lot of power left to generate in the advent of a power grid failure. We also know that when your power does go down, you don’t just need power when you can get it, you need power as immediately as possible. At Anderson Power, we don’t just want to provide adequate backup power solutions. We want to be your top Hospital Backup Generator provider both now, and for years to come. We have the equipment, the experience, the manpower, and the expertise to successfully supply your emergency backup power needs. Call for a FREE On-Site Assessment of your Hospital Backup Generator Needs today.


Maintain Safety Code Compliance – Keep Your Facility Operational with Anderson Power

Since 1995, Anderson Power has been compiling quite a list of successful Hospital Backup Generator installations. As a primary distributor of high-powered Generac Generators, we have access to the most powerful industrial generators in the world. We also have a direct line of access to all the replacement parts, upgrades, and everything else it takes to keep your industrial backup power generator operational and ready to kick-off at a moment’s notice. We excel at smooth and seamless transfer switch installation, so if the power grid does fail, your generator will activate automatically, and your transfer switch will reallocate the source power from utility service within a few seconds. Strong, smooth, safe, uninterrupted power sourcing. That’s what you’ll get for your Hospital, Outpatient Center, or other Medical Facility when you choose Anderson Power Services. We give you power when you need it most. We guarantee it! Call or contact us for a FREE On-Site Assessment at your facility.

You Can Have the Best Hospital Backup Generator Service, and So Much More!

  • Capable, Industrial Generators
  • Full Code Compliance
  • Transfer Switch Installation
  • Regular Testing Protocols
  • Regular Maintenance Available
  • NFPA 99 Expertise
  • Generac Generator Distribution
  • Installation Guaranteed
  • Best Industry Installation
  • Emergency Life-Support Power
  • Circuitry Testing
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Repairs & Part Replacements
  • NFPA 110 Expertise
  • Qualified, Certified Technicians
  • Automated Operations