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Member-Owned Generation Program

Utilizing the latest Member-Owned Generation Program options, Anderson Power helps supply power when you need it most.

Working Together to Conserve Electricity, Save Money, and Supply Power Since 1995

Anderson Power Services, a division of Elite Energy Systems LLC, has a long history of helping people preserve and protect their resources, both at home and at work. Through strategic partnerships with local electric cooperatives and the EMC industry, we have been able to offer top-shelf generator installation and maintenance services to homeowners through their local EMC. For homeowners and co-op members, the most pivotal part of this process is the fact that they can purchase a state-of-the-art whole-home generator through their EMC as part of the Member-Owned Generation Program.

As a matter of principle, Anderson Power Services believes that these kinds of member-owned programs can benefit every entity that becomes part of the equation. Or as we like to see it, these programs benefit everyone who is part of the solution. As a matter of practice, our professionals consider our business a service that truly helps people across the planet with their needs for power generation.

Since the very beginning, Anderson Power has explored ways to help supply homeowners and business owners across the United States with clean and stable backup emergency power when the power grid fails, through the most sustainable and responsible methods possible. Whether it be through clean, powerful, high-efficiency generators from Generac, emergency battery backups, or the willingness to work with a well established Member-Owned Generation Program, Anderson Power is always on the side of clean, stable, sustainable power sources that benefit us all.

Electric EMC & Cooperative Generators

How Does A Member-Owned Generation Program Work for Me?

Through the partnership of Anderson Power, local electric cooperatives, and the EMC industry, we have become the primary installation and maintenance company of home generators which co-op members can purchase through the EMC. These EMCs are offering a range of payment options which may include financing options through the EMC credit unions, among other means of assistance. By requesting to be a part of the “load management program” through the EMC, Anderson Power is able to service these requests by utilizing generator kits form the EMC. Because this is a unique generator setup, it allows for the cooperative to remotely active the homeowner’s generator when the cooperative’s power supplier is in need of additional resources.

This can do a lot of things for homeowner’s, besides just being able to purchase a whole-home generator through the Member-Owned Generation Program. It allows participants to be an active part of the power supply and energy conservation strategy for the local cooperative. It also allows for general rate benefits, a kW credit system, fuel reimbursements, cost-effective electricity flow, and a general enhancement of the long-term function and sustainability of the power grid. There’s a lot to consider, but we have discovered that few programs benefit everyone involved quite like these kinds of partnerships. For more information, or to schedule a FREE on-site assessment of your emergency power needs, call or contact Anderson Power Services, today! We give you power when you need it most!