Total Confidence, No Matter the Storm

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Keep your Data Center safe and operational during a power grid failure with Anderson Power Services, your Data Center Generator company.

Strong, Reliable Backup Power to Meet Your High Standards of Uptime & Excellence

Many facility types feel the need to keep going strong, regardless of what the power grid is doing. Few facilities offer their customers the promises of a 99.999% uptime guarantee. That’s pretty easy to do when things are going well. But in the advent of major storms, power outages, blown transformers, or other manifestations of power grid failure, you simply have to have maximum backup power systems in place. No other Data Center Generator company gives you the experience and expertise quite like Anderson Power Services. Since 1995, we’ve been one of the fastest-growing Southern-based backup generator companies. In fact, our nationwide reputation for excellence has spread from the whole home and light commercial generator field into the large, industrial generator division. Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Banks, Financial Centers, and Data Centers across the country now rely on Anderson Power Services to keep their backup power generators ready to go at a moment’s notice, with zero or minimal interruptions to power supply.

Data Centers

Anderson Power and Generac Generators – A Winning Combination for Your Facility

As a licensed Generac Generator distribution company, as well as an award-winning generator installation & maintenance company, Anderson Power has the experience you can trust. We have the skills, expertise, and personnel you need for successful Data Center Generator service at the highest level. We know what it takes to help you attain Tier III or Tier IV Uptime Institute Certification, if that’s what your company needs or desires. The latest models of Generac’s Industrial Power generators are made to operate quickly, efficiently, and effectively when the power grid for your Data Center fails. We don’t always know when emergency power outages will happen, but you can rest assured in knowing that your Data Backup Power Supply will work at a moment’s notice.

Expert Installation and Maintenance Are Essential to Your Backup Power Success

When correctly installed and correctly maintained, your Data Backup Generator will offer your facility strong, seamless, uninterrupted energy within seconds of any power grid failure. When you hire Anderson Power for your generator and transfer switch installation, or for your modular power systems, you’re getting the best minds and hands in the nation for your emergency power needs. The level of sophistication and flexibility with Generac’s MPS paralleling generators can put you in prime position for even the highest levels of certification, while giving you multiple fuel options and output options. Ask our experts about a new Gemini Twin-Pack system from Generac, or how Anderson Power Services can eliminate your anxiety, while keeping your data center protected and operational when the power goes out. Call or contact us for a FREE On-Site Assessment of your backup power supply needs.