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Wherever you are in the Southeastern United States, Anderson Power Services wants to be your local generator company of choice. We have been a #1 Generac Generator Distribution, Installation, and Maintenance Company since 1995, and we can’t wait to help you meet your emergency power needs. If you need Emergency Power Solutions, Full-Service Installation, Maintenance & Service, or Electrical Installation & Service, Anderson Power Services has you covered!

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The weather in Northeast Georgia is different than in any other section of The Peach State. From Forsyth County to Athens & Augusta, and up to the North & South Carolina borders, the countryside is beautiful, but the weather is unpredictable. Prepare for any weather conditions with emergency power solutions from Anderson Power Services.

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Beautiful Southern Georgia covers an immense territory. The population is more spread out than in other region of the South. So when volatile weather knocks the power out, your South Georgia home or business could be stuck for a long time without lights, air conditioning, and everything else you need electricity for. Anderson Power Services can help you be prepared for any power outage.

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Northwest Georgia is a broad and thriving region that stretches north and west of Atlanta. Bordered by Northeast Alabama and Southern Tennessee, more folks live North of I-20 and on both sides of I-75 North than ever before. Protect what’s most precious to you with backup power solutions from Anderson Power Services.

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The Greater Atlanta area has exploded in population numbers since the late 1990s. More homes, more businesses, and more strain on the power grid means that a power outage is more likely than ever before. Prepare for extended power outages from storms or grid failure with a backup generator from Anderson Power Services.

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A little bit hotter than the Metro, and sometime a little more volatile, Central Georgia has an unfortunate reputation for being overlooked when it comes to restoring power in the great State of Georgia. Don’t leave your home or business to chance! Call Anderson Power Services today for outstanding power solutions.

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There’s no other part of Georgia quite like the Atlantic Coast. From Brunswick to Savannah, Coastal Georgia residents just take life a little differently than the rest of the South, and we deal with different weather and hurricane patterns, year-round. Protect your Coastal Georgia home or business with Anderson Power Services!

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With headquarters now in Greenville, South Carolina, Anderson Power is truly poised to serve the entire Southeastern United States with the best backup power supply services around. Nobody else in the South gives you the top-level generator distribution, installation, and maintenance services of Anderson Power Services.

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South Alabama

From the highest, hilliest, rockiest terrain to the lowest, softest, wettest lowlands, our generator experts know exactly what they’re doing in the Wiregrass region, and they know how to install your generator to perfection. Whatever the challenges, Anderson Power gives you clean, controlled, emergency power when you need it most.

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South Florida

Power outages can be a major inconvenience for both homes and businesses. That's why our generator services in Delray Beach and South Florida offer reliable backup power solutions for any situation. Whether you need a commercial, industrial, or whole-home generator, our team can help you find the right solution to keep your power running smoothly.

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North Florida

It’s no secret that while volatile weather has always been a part of Panama City living, cataclysmic episodes have drastically increased in the last decade. Without reliable backup power solutions, you could be facing days without electricity, leaving your homes and your businesses vulnerable. Don't risk losing property, putting loved ones at risk, or being left in the dark during those critical moments.

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