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If you’re looking for Whole House Generators, Anderson Power Services is a premier Generac distribution, installation, & maintenance resource!

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If you’re considering a Whole House Generator for your home, you probably know all too well that power outages happen every day across the United States. You probably also know that, on average, around half a million people across the U.S. are affected every single day by power outages. And you probably also know that nearly 4 out of every 5 power outages are caused by inclement weather, whether it be Thunderstorms, Hail Storms, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Ice Storms, or other weather-related situations. The power company works hard, and we applaud the bravery and hard work of the linemen who risk their lives and safety to help keep us keep the lights on in our homes and businesses. But what happens when they can’t get to your home in time? What happens when it’s days, weeks, or even months before you have power again? What would you stand to lose if the power grid failed, and your family was left stranded?


Whole House Generators Are the Only Real Way to Endure Lengthy Power Grid Failure – Contact Us!

At Anderson Power Services, we believe that Generac Whole House Generators are the best whole house generator systems on the planet! And most of American would agree! Today, 7 out of every 10 home standby generators is a Generac Generator. Your Anderson Power Services professionals can advise you on which Generac whole house generator would most perfectly fit your specific power needs for your home. Our highly-qualified technicians are trained both in the fields of mechanical installation and electrical installation, and are also experts in natural gas fitting, if you happen to choose a generator that utilizes natural gas pipelines instead of diesel fuel or another fuel source.

The Most Complete Installation Process for your Whole House Generators

But perhaps the most important part of the installation process is the implementation of the generator transfer switch. Our people are experts at correctly installing your generator’s transfer switch to perfectly meet and exceed all codes and standards. What this means for your family is that when the power grid fails, your generator will automatically detect an interruption in electricity flow, and within seconds, your whole home generator starts up, your transfer switch activates, and smooth, seamless power flow is restored to your home. Call or contact Anderson Power for a FREE Assessment!

Full-Service Installation

Since 1995, Anderson Power Services has grown to become one of the most highly-rated Full-Service Installation companies for Whole House Generators, Commercial Generators, and so much more. From Site Surveys to Transfer Switch Installation, Generator Installation, Remote Monitoring, and more, Anderson Power Services gives you power when need it most!

Maintenance & Service

Most top-level Generator Distribution Companies are content to let someone else handle generator installation, and especially generator maintenance & service. Anderson Power Services takes pride in offering generator maintenance and generator repairs services for Generac Generators, and all other brands of Whole Home Generators. We keep your generators running strong!

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We take pride in offering generator maintenance and generator repairs services for Generac Generators, and all other brands of Whole Home Generators. We keep your generators running strong!

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