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Our on-site consultation services are absolutely FREE to any homeowner, business owner, property manager, or prospector in the Southeastern United States who wants the best backup power solutions for their needs.



If you decide that a new Generac Generator is the best fit for your standby power needs, Anderson Power can order, supply, deliver, and install your new backup generator to perfection, so it’s ready when you need it most.



Through the technological advancements of today’s whole home, commercial, or industrial generators, our technicians can monitor the function and readiness of your generator, and complete any necessary maintenance.

Anderson Power Services, your top Regional Backup Power Service, now offers Solar Power Systems capable of handling your home or commercial power needs!

Generac Generators – The Leader in Backup Power Solutions Now Offers Solar Power Systems

You heard right! The North American Leader in standby backup power for homes and businesses has bridged the gap between fuel-based backup power systems and solar power systems. For a company widely known for their innovations in automatic backup power solutions, it would be easy for the average onlooker to think that company might have peaked out in their ability to push the technological envelope. But Generac has done it again! In a world of constantly changing energy system variables, including regulatory changes from government agencies, Generac has been the model of consistency. And that consistency has benefitted many homeowners and business owners across the United States for many, many years. When you choose Anderson Power Services to install your Hybrid Backup Power System, Solar Power Systems, or any other Backup Generator Systems, you get the best products installed by the best folks in the Southeast.

Residential Solar Power

If you’ve been looking for a reliable solar power system for your home, Anderson Power Services has the experience and expertise you need. Whether you choose to be off the grid, or your home or secondary home is too far off the grid to receive standard power, you can have the Residential Solar Power you need.

Commercial Solar Power

Commercial Solar Systems have traditionally been viewed as incomplete, or incapable of truly fulfilling a business’s backup power needs. Not anymore! Generac’s new line of alternative energy systems will change your perception of Solar Power Systems. Call Anderson Power Services today, and schedule a free on-site consultation.

Emergency Battery Backups

We know the feeling. You want to invest in Emergency Battery Backup systems, but you don’t know how much about solar power system cost, or if they will even work. The Ecogen backup generator from Generac is the first one of it’s kind to be officially capable for off-grid usage inside an alternative energy system setup.

Anderson Power Services – Your Top Choice for Generac Generators and Modern Solar Power Systems

Since 1995, Anderson Power Services has been the fastest-growing Generac Generator Installation & Repair company in the entire Southeastern United States. Our generator professionals are experienced and equipped to handle any generator repair or maintenance needs you may have for whole home or commercial generators. We specialize in Installing, Repairing and Maintaining the entirety of Generac Generator products, including the latest lines of Ecogen hybrid Solar Power Systems. Don’t let the lights go out on your home or business! Call or contact Anderson Power Services today for a Free On-Site Consultation, and keep your home or business running through any situation!


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