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What Can the Generac PWRcell Solar System Do for Your Home? Let’s Find Out!

If you’ve heard about the Generac PWRcell Solar System, and how it’s revolutionizing the solar power industry, you heard right! And who would have expected anything different from the global #1 manufacturer of whole home generators? If 70% of the total home generators sold on the planet are made by Generac, and that same company put their name and reputation on a solar power system, don’t you think it would be worth checking out? We think so!

For homeowners looking to invest in solar power, we highly recommend the Generac PWRcell Solar System, installed by professionals, like the seasoned pros from Anderson Power Services. Since 1995 we’ve been the fastest-growing installer and distributor of home backup power supply solutions from Generac Generators, and we can help you have power when you need it most. But what is this Generac PWRcell Solar System really all about, besides just being a 100% emission free way to supply power to your home? Let’s explore more!

The Generac PWRcell Solar System Begins with the Generac PWRcell

Well, actually, it begins with the sun. Then solar panels. But after the solar panels have collected enough energy from the sun, it is harnessed, stored, and made ready for usage by the PWRcell. Whether you choose to power your entire home with solar power, you’re looking to offset rising utility bills, or you want to utilize solar power as your backup power source, the Generac PWRcell Solar System helps you deliver 18kWh of safe, smooth, solar-powered electricity to your home.

If you choose to offset your monthly electricity needs from the power grid with a solar system from Generac, you could save over $60,000 over the lifetime of your home on electricity costs alone! When combined with the fact that you’d have more than adequate home backup power supply with your Generac Solar System, the value of this system really starts adding up! Let’s see what the full Generac PWRcell Solar System is really made of!

  • 3-6 Battery Modules
  • PWRcell Battery Cabinet
  • 50A Starting Current
  • Smart Management Modules
  • Real-Time Usage Stats
  • Bill & Savings Estimates
  • 96.5% round-trip efficiency
  • 100% emission free
  • PWRcell Battery Bank
  • 9-18 kWh Storage Capacity
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • 80% more continuous power
  • Energy Profile Analysis
  • 360-420 VDC input/output
  • Forced convection cooling
  • 100% fossil fuel free
  • PWRcell Inverter
  • 9kW Max Continous Power
  • Automatic Transfer Switch
  • PWRcell Mobile App
  • Daily Energy Insights
  • 380 VDC nominal voltage
  • Grid Support
  • Indoor/Outdoor Cabinets

To learn more about our Generac solar products, or to inquire about getting a Generac PWRcell Solar System for your home, call or contact Anderson Power Services for a FREE consultation or on-site assessment. We’re here for you!