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Get a Backup Generator in North Georgia from Anderson Power Services – the Top GA Provider

The weather in North Georgia is different than in any other part of The Peach State. And so is the terrain. If winter storms cause the power to go out, it could be a long time before it’s back online. Prepare for emergencies with the Southeast’s best emergency backup solutions and top resource for Home Electric Generators in Georgia – Call Anderson Power Services!

West Atlanta Residents Trust Anderson Power Services for Home Electric Generators and More!

The Westside has exploded in population numbers since the late 1990s. More homes, more businesses, and more strain on the power grid means that a power outage is more likely than ever before. Prepare for extended power outages due to storms or power grid failure with Home Electric Generators and backup generator solutions from Anderson Power Services.

When Metro Atlanta has Home Electric Generator & Backup Generator Needs, They Call Us!

When the power goes out in the areas inside and around the perimeter, there’s no guarantee that the power companies can get it back up and running when you need it. Snowpocalypse taught us that Metro Atlanta can become scary in a very short amount of time. Keep your loved ones and yourself safe with Backup Generators from Anderson Power Services.

Middle Georgia Knows the Need for Home Electric Generators and Backup Generators!

A little bit hotter than the Metro, and sometime a little more volatile, Middle Georgia has the reputation of being overlooked by the power company when it comes to restoring power in the great State of Georgia. Don’t leave your home or business to chance! Call Anderson Power Services today for outstanding home electric generator and backup generator solutions.


If you need a whole-house generator for your Metro Atlanta home, or an industrial generator for your Metro Atlanta business, there’s really only one name to trust. Anderson Power Services!

The Need for Home Electric Generators in Georgia Is Evident In the City of Atlanta and Beyond

Atlanta. The Land of the Dirty Birds. The Home of the Braves. The Nest of the Hawks. And the arena to some of the most temperamental, randomly violent weather changes anywhere in the United States. You know that Metro Atlanta weather can go from freezing rain to blistering heat within the span of one week. Did you know that Metro Atlanta has a larger territory of square mileage than ANY other Metropolitan area in the United States? When the power blinks due to inclement weather or power grid failure, what’s your plan for backup emergency power? If you don’t already have a plan, Anderson Power Services can help you keep your Metro Atlanta home or business safe and operational through any kind of power outage. Call or contact us to speak with a Metro Atlanta Anderson specialist!

Emergency Power Solutions

The sheer amount of strain on the Metro Atlanta Power Grid is substantial. When Atlanta weather gets wacky, all it takes is one violent storm to cause a major power outage. Be ready with Anderson Power!

Full-Service Installation

Whether you need a whole house generator, or you’ve already purchased one, and need someone to install it, Anderson Power Services has the Full-Service Installation your home or business needs.

Maintenance & Service

What good is an emergency power system when you’re not sure if it works properly or not?! Anderson Power Services can get your whole house generator running right, and keep it running right.

Electrical Installation & Service

Metro Atlanta’s leader in Emergency Power Solutions and whole home generators now offers fully-certified Electrical Installation & Service to Metro Atlanta’s proud home and business owners.

Power Solution sales and Service

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We take pride in offering generator maintenance and generator repairs services for Generac Generators, and all other brands of Whole Home Generators. We keep your generators running strong!

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