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Are you looking for the South’s #1 Generac Generator Distribution, Installation, & Maintenance Company? Anderson Power Services has all the Generator Services you need for your Georgia home or business, and so much more! Contact us today!

When You Need Generator Installation in Georgia, Anderson Power Services Has You Covered!

At Anderson Power Services, we have observed a very natural evaluation process in our fellow Southern residents, in terms of advanced emergency preparedness. We have narrowed our observations of this process down to these three primary questions.

  • Do I need an emergency generator?
  • What brand/style of emergency generator fits my needs?
  • What is the best company to get my generator from?

Wherever You Are in Georgia, Anderson Power Is Your Top Generator Installation Company

Whether they be residents of North Georgia, where the winters are harsh, or South Georgia, where the summers are intense, nearly every home or business in the great state of Georgia could benefit from some type of emergency generator. Whether it’s the weather, a power grid failure, or an unforeseen circumstantial reason, the very real reality is that tragedy will strike. Accidents will happen. It’s at this point that Georgia residents could really benefit from asking themselves, “Are we ready?”


Top Generator Distribution & Generator Installation in Georgia – Anderson Power Services

If you decide that your home or business indeed DOES need a standby generator, congratulations! You’re one step closer to being ready for the next blizzard, ice storm, hurricane, or heat wave! Now is the time for researching generators. Sure, you could spend hours upon hours convincing yourself that some fly-by-night company, who doesn’t even really specialize in generators, could make an emergency device you could rely on. We never discourage anyone from doing their own digging. However, after countless hours of shoveling pile after pile of generator research, most people discover what we could have told them to start with: Generac Generators are simply the best! When you start with the top-rated products on the market from Generac, and add in features like Mobile Link, Cold Weather Kits, and Wireless Remote Monitors, these Solid-State Generators really cannot be beat.

Generator Installation in Georgia Is No Simple Task – Call the Pros from Anderson Power!

So now comes the final decision. You’ve decided you need a generator. You’ve discovered that Generac is top shelf. But which supplier should you choose to work with? Well, here are some items to consider:

  • Are you a master electrician?
  • Do you have an extensive mechanical engineering background?
  • Are you licensed, trained, and certified in all Generac products?
  • Do you feel comfortable loading, unloading, installing, and maintaining an 800+ pound device?

If you didn’t answer a resounding YES to these questions, you might want to seek the services of an experienced Generac distribution and installation company. Did you know that Anderson Power Services can advise you on the best fit for your home, supply and deliver your generator, and they can Install and Maintain it for as long as you own your generator? How much more prepared could you be than having Georgia’s #1 Generac company in your corner? Don’t risk being left in the dark! Call Anderson Power!

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