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Living in the Coastal Georgia area is unlike living anywhere else in the South! We all have unique power needs, and we all have our own reasons to want safe, secure, standby backup power solutions. Do you need help finding the right supplier and installer of your next Coastal Georgia House Generator? Call Anderson Power Services today for all-in-one generator installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance service!

Anderson Power Understands Our Unique Coastal Georgia House Generator Needs

The challenges that face our fellow residents and business owners here in Brunswick, Savannah, Hinesville, Kingsland, and the everywhere else in Coastal Georgia are vastly different than the challenges for folks in Metro Atlanta, North Georgia, Central Georgia, and even South Georgia. It takes a much more experienced skillset to install whole home generators, commercial generators, and industrial generators in a sandy environment that is prone to flooding. It takes even more experience and planning to ensure these big, capable machines are bulletproof and ready to roll in the advent of a Hurricane or prolonged power outage. Since 1995, Anderson Power Services has been helping homeowners and business owners throughout the Southeastern United States prepare for their own unique power outage situations. With headquarters right here in the Coastal Georgia area, our professionals understand the uniqueness of installing and maintaining your whole home generators, so you have power when you need it most.

Hurricanes, Rising Tides, High Winds – Don’t Let Destructive Weather Defeat You

It’s no secret that Hurricane Season here on the Atlantic Coast is always a tense occasion, especially for homeowners and property owners. We always pay a little more attention to the weather during these seasons because everything can change in a moment’s notice. Even hurricanes that don’t specifically crash into the Georgia Coast will still affect the weather, quite extensively. Rain, high winds, rising tides, furiously increasing wave activity, and potential flooding can all wreak havoc on the coastal power grids. And if the power actually does go out in Coastal Georgia, it could be a long time before the power companies can get it going again. If you own a Southeast Georgia home or business, you need a way to protect your home, your people, and your property. You need an emergency power system from the professionals at Anderson Power Services. We can help you be prepared for any storm-related power outage or power grid failure with an emergency power system.

As Hurricane Activity Increases, Shouldn’t Our Levels of Preparedness Follow Suit?

Even though the eyes of hurricanes don’t seem to make as much direct landfall recently in Coastal Georgia as they did in the late 1800s, the threat is always real, and should never be taken lightly, just as the 2016 hurricane season taught us. Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Hermine are just a couple of the storms that reminded us that Coastal Georgia might have been fortunate for a long while, but we are still not impervious to life-threatening danger and huge property losses from storms. Now, Coastal Georgia residents like us know this all too well. Sometimes there’s truly no escape from high winds, torrential rain, violent lightning strikes, and severe flooding from hurricane activity. But did you know that most of the damage from modern hurricanes actually occurs in the aftermath of storms, instead of during the window of time a storm is actively bombarding our homes and businesses?


Prepare for Storms and Power Grid Failure with Generator Services from Anderson Power

There are times when the only thing standing between your family and the destructive aftermath of a hurricane is your emergency power systems. Violent storms like hurricanes don’t just happen and move on from their areas of destruction. And even when they do move on from direct impact in specific areas, the aftermath of hurricanes and other storms can linger for much longer. The detrimental effects of hurricanes, thunderstorms, floods, and tornadoes on our coastal homes and businesses can last for weeks or months on end. In fact, without proper emergency preparation, we could lose our homes, our property, our loved ones, and even our own lives. Shouldn’t our Coastal Georgia homes and businesses be prepared for anything that Mother Nature might bring? Shouldn’t we be prepared enough to protect our families, our homes, our property, and everything we hold dear? Since 1995, Anderson Power Services has been helping Georgia residents and business owners have power when they need it most. We have headquartered technicians right here in Coastal Georgia who would love to provide you with a FREE emergency backup power assessment for your home or commercial property.

Generac Generators – Your Top Choice for a Coastal Georgia House Generator or Business Standby Generator

From Brunswick to Chattanooga, from Savannah to Jacksonville, Hinesville to Claxton, and throughout all of Coastal Georgia, homeowners, business owners, and industry titans trust Generac Generators for their standby emergency power needs. The power grid could fail at any time, regardless of inclement weather, flooding, or other natural disasters. Would you and your family be ready for an extended power outage? We all know how difficult it can be for the electric companies to remedy a large-scale power grid failure. We all know how long it can take for things to begin to get back to normal after a major natural catastrophe. Wouldn’t you rather keep your family safe and protected from the elements with a full-size generator, installed to perfection by professionals who really know what they’re doing?

Anderson Power Services – A Top Generac Generator Specialist Since 1995

The team from Anderson Power Solutions specializes in the distribution, installation, and maintenance of Generac Whole Home Generators, and Generac Commercial Generators. From efficiency models like the PowerPact 7.5kW Home Backup Generator with 8-circuit Transfer Switch, to the QT Series 150kW Home Backup Generator, and every whole house generator in between, Anderson Power serves up the very best in Generac Home Generators. We also specialize in Industrial Generators for Coastal Georgia Business Owners, Property Managers, and Building Superintendents who need to keep operations running, keep their data secure, and keep their people safe. No matter how much emergency standby power you need, Anderson Power Services can meet your needs, and exceed your expectations for a Coastal Georgia Generator company. Call or contact us today for a FREE on-site assessment of all your backup power needs. The call and consultation are free. Isn’t your safety worth taking the time to call?

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Emergency Power Solutions

Coastal Georgia residents and business owners know just how quickly the weather can change. Don’t leave your home or business at the mercy of the Electric Company. Anderson Power can help you keep you safe through a power outage.

Full-Service Installation

Proper generator installation on the Georgia coast can be a tricky thing. Luckily for our friends in Brunswick, Savannah, and surrounding areas, the Anderson Power Services team is experienced in coastal condition generator installation. Call today for a FREE assessment!

Maintenance & Service

The worst time to find out that your whole-home or business-industrial generator doesn’t work is when tragedy strikes, and you’re stuck without emergency backup power. Anderson Power Services can repair, replace, and maintain your generator to perfection.

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