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No other Middle Georgia House Generator Company provides the all-in-one experience, expertise, and total value of Anderson Power Services.

Middle Georgia Remains a Thriving, Central Hub for New Families and Business Growth

Why does Middle Georgia remain one of the fastest growing regions in the Southeastern United States? We believe there are many reasons! The geographical center of great state of Georgia, the Middle Georgia/Central Georgia area has played a significant role in the past, present, and future of Georgia. People may come to Middle Georgia for the “close enough” proximity to Atlanta, but they stay for a whole host of other reasons. The fine, Southern people, the excellent private schools, the beautiful Ocmulgee Riverside views, and the rolling hills of the Piedmont Plateau are just a few of the reasons why this area charms and captivates so many new families. If Atlanta can be called the “Jewel of the South,” then Middle Georgia can very likely be called “The Heart of Dixieland.”

Anderson Power Services – Keeping the Heart of Dixieland Beating Strong in Any Situation

Like any other “heart,” a consistent and uninhibited flow is necessary for survival. When the power goes out, life flow has a tendency to stop in its tracks. That means no lights, no security systems, no running HVAC, no power to the fridge and freezer, no television or computers, no ability to recharge smartphones, no data protection, and the list goes on and on. So what can a Middle Georgia homeowner do to keep their home, family, and all their treasures safe and protected in a power outage? Well, it wouldn’t hurt to know at least one reputable Middle Georgia House Generator company. Anderson Power Services has been serving Georgia residents since 1995, and with headquarters throughout Middle Georgia, we can keep the power running strong for your home or business all year long with the best emergency power services in the South!

We Help Keep You and Your Family Safe and Protected Through Any Storm or Power Outage

If you’ve lived here for any length of time, you know the weather in the Southeastern United States is pretty volatile, and can change at a moment’s notice. In Middle and Central Georgia, things tend to run a bit hotter than the mountains, which adds to the fact that the spring and summer thunderstorm season can quickly take a scary turn. For this reason alone, if you live in or near Macon, Milledgeville, Warner Robins, Columbus, Americus, Forsyth, Dublin, Fitzgerald, Oglethorpe, Monticello, Eastman, Perry, or anywhere else throughout Middle Georgia, you could benefit from a capable backup generator, installed by experienced professionals.

Anderson Power Services Is Your Top All-In-One Solution for Generac Generators and More

Nationwide, the best commercial and residential generators are the powerful, durable, and efficient generators built by Generac. In fact, over 70% of the whole house generators bought on the planet are Generac Whole Home Generators. And in the Middle Georgia, there’s no better Generac Generator distribution, installation, or maintenance company than Anderson Power Services. Do you need a whole house generator or an industrial generator for your Middle Georgia home or business? Anderson Power Services has headquarters in your area, and is one of the top Middle Georgia House Generator companies around! Call today for a FREE on-site assessment!


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No other Middle Georgia house generator, commercial generator, or industrial generator company helps protect your Middle Georgia home or business quite like Anderson Power Services.

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If you need full-service installation for your Middle Georgia house generator, commercial generator, or industrial generator, call Anderson Power Services for a FREE assessment.

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Anderson Power Services can repair and maintain your whole home, commercial, or industrial generator for you, and make sure you have power when you need it most.

From Macon to Milledgeville, Augusta to Warner Robins, Columbus to Statesboro, and everywhere else in Middle Georgia and Central Georgia, Anderson Power Services has the emergency power solutions you need. As a licensed Generac Generator distributor, installer, and service provider, we are here for all your residential and commercial generator needs. Anderson Power Services is the name you can trust to help keep the lights on and the power running in any circumstance. Call today for your FREE on-site assessment of your whole home generator, commercial generator, or industrial generator needs.

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