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Looking for a North Georgia House Generator company you can trust? Anderson Power Services is your top resource for keeping the power running strong during bad weather or a power grid failure.

No Other North Georgia House Generator Company Understands Your Needs Like Anderson Power

Whether you’re driving up from the Greater Atlanta area, west from South Carolina, or East from North Alabama, there’s something special about North Georgia and the Blue Ridge Parkway region. Northern Georgia is known far and wide as a beautiful location to visit, work, live, or play. We mountain-loving residents are often a little more adept at handling the challenges of steep terrain, remote living, and severe winter weather than the average Georgia citizen. But we’re also way more susceptible to being left to our own devices when the power grid fails.

So why does it seem like the residents in Cleveland, Dahlonega, Clarkesville, Helen, Tallulah Falls, Toccoa Falls, Suches, and all the other cities and towns in the foothills of the Appalachians maintain a “Keep Calm and Power Through” mentality when bad weather hits? One of the reasons why North Georgia residents and business owners seem to stay calm when the power goes out is that many North Georgians have instituted an emergency backup plan, and many of them choose Generac Generators from Anderson Power Services.

Trust Anderson Power Services – Your Top North Georgia House Generator Company Since 1995

Anderson Power has been installing, servicing, repairing, and maintaining emergency house generators and emergency business generators throughout North Georgia since 1995. Our expert technicians know what is necessary to install, power up, and maintain whole-house generators in extreme conditions throughout the Appalachian Mountains, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the foothills of Metro Atlanta.

From Tallulah Gorge to the Chattooga River, from Brasstown Bald to the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, Anderson is there. From Clayton to Canton, Ringgold to Rome, Dalton to Dahlonega, Helen to Hiawassee, Atlanta to Athens, and everywhere in between, Anderson Power is there! Need a North Georgia House Generator company to install a high-powered, high-efficiency whole home generator that will help you protect yourself and your family when the power grid fails? Give Anderson Power Services a call!


Don’t Let Harsh Weather and Power Grid Failure Leave You in Harm’s Way – Call Anderson Power

While living in North Georgia, many new residents experience what most locals have known for years: sometimes it gets tricky to keep the lights on. In other parts of Georgia, consumers may have access to larger electric companies, like Georgia Power or Greystone. And while some parts of North Georgia may still have access to secure power grids, many places don’t. Additionally, residents and business owners alike still have to contend with an angrier Old Man Winter than the folks down south.

The truth is, when several heavy inches of ice collect on the antiquated power lines that lead to your dream cottage at the foot of the Appalachians, much like it has on the treacherous roadways that lead to your home, there may be nothing your electric company can do for you. But you CAN do something for yourself. And that is to simply pick up the phone and call Anderson Power Services today.

We have been the fastest growing Generac Generator installation and distribution company in the Southeastern United States for over 25 years, and we have the experience and expertise to install your new whole home generator perfectly, so it works without a hitch when you need power the most. Call Anderson Power Services today, and schedule a FREE on-site assessment of your house generator needs!

Emergency Power Solutions

The need for Emergency Power Solutions in North Georgia is very different than in other regions of the Southeastern United States. Anderson Power understands the unique needs of North Georgia, because our people live and work right here in the Blue Ridge Parkway. With headquarters in Cleveland and Dalton, and teams of generator experts all over the map, we put your backup power supply needs front and center.

Full-Service Installation

A full-sized generator is a great purchase, but what about the installation? Would you be able to guarantee your generator starting in the most harsh of conditions? Our experts can! When you decide to call Anderson Power Services for your Emergency Generator needs, that very well may the last finger you have to raise. We do it all! From start to finish, Anderson Power is there. We are the North Georgia House Generator company to trust.

Maintenance & Service

Whether we installed your emergency generator systems, or you used another company, Anderson Power Services is willing and able to help you keep the lights on in any situation. We offer industry-leading repair and maintenance services for all brands of whole home and commercial generators, including Generac Generators and many more. We do everything in our power to make sure you have power when you need it most.

Electrical Installation & Service

If you knew someone could help keep the lights on during the storm, wouldn’t you think they could keep the lights on during the calm? Anderson Power is certified for any and all of your Electrical Installation needs, whether they apply to whole home generators or not. We offer residential and commercial electrician services as an extension of our service capabilities for homeowners and business owners throughout North Georgia.

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