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Are you in need of a South Georgia House Generator or a Commercial Generator? Nobody beats Anderson Power Services for Emergency Backup Power Solutions in South Georgia and beyond.

Anderson Power Services – Your Top South Georgia House Generator Company Since 1995

Your friends at Anderson Power Services know what living and surviving in South Georgia is all about. You won’t find a more committed South Georgia House Generator Company than Anderson Power Services. Call or contact us today for a FREE On-Site Assessment of your property. Whether you’re looking for whole-home generators or commercial generators, our experts can guide you towards the exact generator match you need. No more, no less. The exact match. Our installation and repair services are 2nd to none.

Whether you’re nestled in the Greater Valdosta area, you hail from rural South Georgia, you call North Florida home, or you live anywhere else in the Southeastern United States, we have dedicated professionals in your area. We’re here to help you navigate any storm or power grid failure with the best whole home generator services available. We’ve been doing it right since 1995, and we’re still here for your needs.

It’s Hotter Down South – Your Top South Georgia House Generator Company Helps You Stay Cool

Rarely does it snow in South Georgia. But often does it rain. And even more often than it rains, it gets hot! Mild, wet winters give way to hot, humid summers, or the occasional hot and drought filled summer. Either way, it’s going to be hot in Valdosta, South Georgia, and North Florida during the spring, summer, and much of the fall. If the floodwaters rise, or if summertime thunderstorms knock the power out, it could get dangerously hot, very quickly. The heat can zap you. The humidity can suffocate you.

And if you’re fighting all these elements without air conditioning, ceiling fans, window units, or whatever other means you use to fight the heat, you could be in turmoil before you know it. In fact, many people could be in grave danger very quickly, and remain in that state for as long as the power grid is down. An extended power outage might seem trivial to some, but for those who have ever experienced a South Georgia heat wave without any kind of climate control system in their homes or businesses, they know it can be very serious.

But there is a solution to this problem. Anderson Power Services has been a trusted South Georgia home generator distribution and installation company for over 25 years. We’ve seen it all, and we can help give you power when you need it most, regardless of the storm. Call our experts today for a FREE on-site assessment.

A Freezer Isn’t a Freezer if the Power Goes Out- Anderson Power Services Helps You Persevere

Another uniqueness to South Georgia living is the abundance of food that we look to gather, harvest, and preserve throughout the year. While very few people make their living anymore by growing and selling their farm produce, almost every household embarks in some sort of subsistence farming, hunting, fishing, or other harvesting. Much of this food is either canned, jarred, or frozen. In fact, you or your loved ones might have an extra freezer, a deep freezer, or another extra refrigerated storage unit for food preservation.

If the power goes out, people could lose the several thousand dollars of stored, organic foodstuffs that they rely on just to make it through the winter. Losing everything to a power outage is simply NOT a sensible option for South Georgia residents. And that’s one of the many reasons to call Anderson Power Services for a FREE On-Site Assessment of your whole home generator needs. Anderson Power is the South Georgia House Generator company you can trust!


It Just Makes Sense to Call the Professionals for Generator Installation – Anderson Power Services

For the reasons we’ve already mentioned, and for so many others, countless South Georgia families have made the wise decision of purchasing a capable, reliable emergency generator for their home or business. But the wisest folks have decided to work with Anderson Power Services, not only because they represent the world’s highest-rated generators (Generac Generators), but also because Anderson Power can supply, deliver, install, service, and maintain your generator as long as you own it.

Experts say that most problems with a whole-home or industrial generator happen because of inadequate installation. So it only makes sense to have your generator installed by seasoned professionals who are experts in mechanical and electrical installation processes. We also train our people to know the ins and outs of transfer switch installation. Our people can have your generator active and running within 2 seconds of a power outage! Or less! Call Anderson today for your South Georgia Home Generator, and any other backup power services you need!

Emergency Power Solutions

The needs of South Georgia residents and business owners are as unique as our culture. Simply put, we need the power to stay running, regardless of the storm or power grid failure. Wouldn’t you want the best Emergency Power Solutions in the Southeastern United States on your side? Well, you can have them with a phone call. Call Anderson Power today to schedule a FREE on-site assessment of your Emergency Power Solution needs.

Full-Service Installation

Did you know that a higher percentage of generator failures happen because of faulty or insufficient installation? Anderson Power Services knows exactly what it takes to successfully install your whole-house or business-industrial generator in any setting, regardless of the size and power of your whole home or industrial generator. For 5-star generator installation and distribution, nobody beats Anderson Power Services.

Maintenance & Service

If you already have a backup generator, but you’re not sure what shape it is in, don’t wait until the storms come to take action. Anderson Power Services can repair & maintain your emergency generator, regardless of the brand, size, or power output needs. We make sure your backup power needs are there when you need them.

No Other South Georgia House Generator Company Can Do What Anderson Power Does For You

Anderson Power Services offers Full-Service, Whole-House Generator Distribution, Replacement, Repairs, and Installation for our friends and neighbors in South Georgia, North Florida, and throughout other parts of the Southeastern United States. We offer the same outstanding service for business owners who need Commercial Generators in order to keep their company moving, their people safe, and their data protected in the advent of a power outage.

In South Georgia, we spend a lot of our time gathering, harvesting, and freezing food. To say it’s a big part of our general way of life would be an understatement for most people. If the power grid fails, there’s no guarantee if or when it might come back up. It doesn’t take too long for all our hard work to be ruined. A whole-home Generator could help protect your deep freezer, and all the other things you work hard to keep safe. Protect your loved ones. Call Anderson Power Services for a FREE On-Site Assessment of your Whole House or Commercial Generator Needs! We have technicians headquartered in your neck of the woods, right now!

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