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Georgia Emergency Generator

Why Should You Have a Georgia Emergency Generator? Because having backup power makes sense, and could be essential to you and your family’s survival! Call Anderson Power before the next Power Outage or Weather-Related Emergency hits!

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Georgia Backup Generators

A High-Quality Georgia Emergency Generator Is More Vital Now than It Ever Has Been!

Did you know that from the year 2000 until today, the number of reported power outages across the Southeastern United States has risen drastically? The current trend is that power outages double every five years or less. All told, the number of annual grid-wide power outages is 400% higher than it was in 2000. The aging infrastructure of many outdated power line systems and concentrated growth that is already taxing our primary power grids is really taking a toll on our power solutions. So when you factor in the dramatic rise in unpredictable, dangerous weather like Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Heat Waves, Ice Storms, Thunderstorms, Hail Storms, and more, keeping the lights on and the power running becomes a real challenge. Losing power in extreme cold weather, or extreme hot temperatures for extended periods of time can not only be an inconvenience to your home or business, it can be downright deadly.

Don’t Lose Hope if You Don’t Have a Georgia Emergency Generator! Call Anderson Power!

Anderson Power has been helping Georgia residents and business owners keep the power running, even in times of emergency blackouts, since 1995. We can help you with every aspect of planning your emergency power situation. From selecting the most correct generator for your home or business needs, to full-service installation, to service and repair, and even steady maintenance plans that ensure your generator will work when you need it most, Anderson Power can help. Nobody ever wishes they were less prepared for an emergency, especially when tragedy strikes! Get your Georgia Emergency Generator installed, replaced, repaired, or maintained by Anderson Power Services today!

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Power Outages

It always helps to be prepared for power outages! Since 1995, Anderson Power Services has been offering Georgia residents and business owners the very best Generators for Power Outages. You may not know just how the power blinks, but when it does, you know it won’t be long before your Anderson Power Backup Generator system kicks in, and keeps your home or business operating smoothly.

Ice Storms

Freezing temps and lingering moisture can lead to some very hazardous conditions for travel, and for safety. Ice Storms can also lead to the freezing of power lines, and can lead to potential power outages where you live and work. Anderson Power has the best Backup Power Sources in Georgia!


Severe weather can happen suddenly, and without warning. In the South, we stay ready for tornado season. Anderson Power helps you prepare for the worst kinds of weather-related power outages, with the best Emergency Power Sources in Georgia. Get your Georgia Emergency Generator installed today!

Heat Waves

It’s hot. It’s sticky. It’s summertime. It’s dangerous to be living through a Heat Wave without enough power to keep your family cool. If the power goes out, there’s no telling when it will be back. Protect your loved ones with the best Georgia Backup Generators installed by Anderson Power Services.


Georgia residents know all too well about Hurricane season. Anderson Power has spent years refining their Emergency Generator installation techniques for coastal and Hurricane-prone areas. Anderson Power Services is your #1 Source for Whole Home Electric Generators in Georgia! Call us today!